Offering customized solutions through knowledge and experience to the industry looking to transcend the standards.


SPC Consulting Group was founded in Monterrey, Mexico. by 100% Mexican capital.

We are a private organization that constantly seeks to respond to the increasing demands of today’s society by offering a higher education quality, which has become a “must” in the demanding world we are immersed.

IPACITEFO, one of the most recognized public and private security consultants in Mexico and over the world, decided to expand into the manufacturing market under the name of “SPC Consulting Group”.

With experience of more than 15 years training all kinds of professionals, our motto is “only practical and profitable courses”. Our database has more than 20,000 professionals in Mexico, the USA, the Caribbean, and South America.


The demands of today’s society have created the urgent need to deliver more efficient work that requires greater knowledge in quality, productivity, and most of all business management.


Thousands of professionals in Mexico, the United States, the Caribbean and South America guarantee our educational quality.