Agile Scrum Master Fundamentals



Participants will learn the basics concepts, fundamentals and framework of the AGILE SCRUM Methodology.

Participant’s profile

• Basic experience in Project Management
• Basic knowledge in PM Book Methodology

1. Introduction to Agile Methodology
• a. Background
• b. Fundamentals
• c. Differences vs Waterfall Methodology Project Management

2. Introduction to SCRUM
• a. Historical Background
• b. Agile Manifesto
• c. Core Values from SCRUM

3. Main Artefacts from SCRUM Frame work
• a. Product Backlog
• b. User Stories
• c. Methods to calculate User Stories
• d. DOD (Definition of Done)
• e. Sprints Definition
• f. Sprint Backlog

4. SCRUM Basic Process and Meetings
• a. Sprint Planning Meeting
• b. Daily Scrum Meeting
• c. Sprint Review Meetings
• d. Sprint Retrospective Meeting
• e. Scrum Grooming

5. SCRUM Roles
• a. Differences with Traditional Project Manager Role
• b. Scrum Master
• c. Product Owner
• d. Scrum Team
• e. Other Roles

6. Distributed & Large Scrum Projects
• a. Virtual Teams
• b. Roles for Large Scrum Projects
• c. Meetings required for Large Scrum Projects

7. AGILE-SCRUM Cases Dynamics

8. Final Exam