SPC Consulting Group | Control Plan



The participant will get familiar with the main components in a Process Control Plan. Also, participants will learn to develop and audit the process plus the correct document interpretation.

Participant’s profile

• Knowledge of the product process and/or manufacturing processes

Control Plan 2nd edition

• Explain the intent of a Control Plan
• Understand the evolution of Control Plans during the life cycle of a product
• Relation to IATF 16949:2016
• Who is responsible for PCP?

Process Control Plan Components
• Types of Control Plans
• Part Identification
• Process Identification
• Equipment Identification
• Product Features
• Process Characteristics
• Special / Critical Characteristics
• Product / Process Specifications
• Technique / Evaluation Method
• Sample Size / Frequency
• Control method
• Reaction plan

Key concepts
• Multidisciplinary Approach
• Evaluation of the Control Plan
• Improvement of the Control Plan
• Dominant factors
• Formats

Process Control Plan workshop