The participant will understand the intent of the automotive industry expectations for warranty management. Also, the participant will become familiar with the phases for implementing a comprehensive warranty management system.

Participant’s profile

• Basic knowledge of the product process and/or manufacturing processes
• Awareness of the current warranty management system in their organization

• What is a warranty?
• Behaviors involved in warranty management
• Defining strategies and best practices to properly manage a warranty

Phase 1: Establishing the baseline

Phase 2: Consumer event and leadership activities

Phase 3: Proactive prevention

Phase 4: Implementing lessons learned

Phase 5: Containing warranty issues

Phase 6: Preventing future warranty events

Phase 7: Continual improvement

Phase 8: Automotive warranty management assessment

Appendix A: Warranty claims process flow diagram

Appendix B: Glossary of definitions and acronyms

Warranty management guideline workshop
• Fill the assessment based in the guidelines