At the end of the course the participant will be able to interpret, homologate and standardize the bases and criteria that support to the Lean Manufacturing The participant will become familiar with the phases and associated elements of the sub-tier supplier management process defined in CQI-19. Also, participants will understand the differences between their current business process and the sub-tier management process defined in CQI-19.

Participant’s profile

• Basic knowledge of the product process and/or manufacturing processes
• Awareness of the current supplier management system in their organization

• Terms
• CQI-19 process

Phase 1: Supplier pre-selection
• Effective relationship fundaments
• Win-win negotiation
• Suppliers selection process
• Key project documentation

Phase 2: Supplier selection
• KPI’s
• Corrective actions
• Technical capacity

Phase 3: APQP/PPAP

Phase 4: Performance monitoring, development, and/or escalation

Core Tools overview to supplier management process

Supplier management best practices