Analyze the casting processes
to promote continuous improvement, the component manufacturing automakers with such processes with a focus preventive and complementary to the requirements of the product and customers, with the purpose of measuring organizational skills for compliance with its internal and external requirements.

Participant’s profile

• Quality systems (desirable)
• Thinking based on risks (desirable)
• IATF Internal Auditor 16949:2016 (desirable)
• Work experience in your organization in processes related to castings

• What is CQI-27?
• Definition of CQI-27 and its purpose
• Benefits of the application planning
• Introduction to the process
• Qualities of the evaluator
• Evaluation of casting
• Requirements and guidance for the evaluation process
• Identify the purpose of each objective
• For what? described with strategy numbers
• Evaluation process of casting systems
• Objectives of the system process casting system
• Requirements to apply CSA (“Casting System Assessment”)
• Carrying out the Casting Process Assessment


CQI-27 Casting System Assessment Process Tables
• Process Table A
+ Sand Castings (Iron/Steel)
• Process Table B
+ Centrifugal Castings
• Process Table C
+ Centrifugal Liners
• Process Table D
+ Investment Castings (Iron/Steel)
• Process Table E
+ Aluminium Semi-Permanent Mold Cylinder Heads
• Process Table F
+ Aluminium Sand Castings
• Process Table G
+ Aluminium Metal Mold
• Process Table H
+ Aluminum High Pressure Die Cast
• Process Table I
+ Magnesium High Pressure Die Cast
• Process Table J
+ Zinc High Pressure Die Cast