PFMEA AIAG-VDA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

Agenda 2021 open —

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The participant will learn the FMEA Model applied to productive or administrative processes, will understand the different elements of a correct failure Modes Analysis and will be able to create effective control strategies that reduce risks.

Participant’s Profile

Professionals involved in the design of production lines, product engineering, processes, manufacturing, industrial, quality and production interested in the prevention / reduction of risks in their processes.


• Purpose and description

• Objective and limits

• Integration of FMEA in the company

• Project planning

• PFMEA methodology

Execution of the Process FMEA (PFMEA)

• 1st STEP: Planning and Preparation

+ Project Identification and Boundaries

+ Project plan

+ Process FMEA Header

• 2nd STEP: Structure Analysis

+ Process Flow Diagram

+ Structure Tree

• 3rd STEP: Functional Analysis

+ Function

+ Requirement(s) (characteristics)

+ Visualization of functional relationships

• 4th STEP: Failure Analysis

+ Failure

+ The Failure Chain

+ Failure Effects

+ Failure Mode

+ Failure Cause

+ Failure Analysis

+ Relationship DFMEA – PFMEA

• 5th STEP: Risk Analysis

+ Current Prevention / Detection Controls

+ Evaluations

+ Severity

+ Occurrence

+ Detection

+ Action Priority (AP)

• 6th STEP: Optimization

+ Purpose

+ Assignment of Responsibilities

+ Status of Actions

+ Assessment of action Effectiveness

+ Continual Improvement

• 7th STEP: Results Documentation

+ Purpose

+ PFMEA Report

Sample FMEA Form Sheets

• Standard PFMEA Form

• Alternative Forms D / E / F / G

Practice – Conducting a PFMEA