SPC (Statistical Process Control)

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The participant will understand the statistical principles necessary for process control, will be able to interpret any control chart and capacity study (Cp, Cpk), and will understand the importance of decision-making based on data.

Participant’s Profile

Professionals from engineering, quality control, incoming inspection, and production areas, as well as all personnel involved in process control, product characteristics control, or data analysis for decision making.

SPC – Statistical Process Control (2nd Edition)


• Importance of SPC

• Relation to IATF 16949:2016

• When SPC is required?

Concepts and definitions

Basics Statistics

• Central tendency measures

• Measures of dispersion


• Variation sources

• Common and special causes

• Local actions vs System actions

• Continuous variable vs Attributes

Control Charts

• How do they work and what are they for?

• Elements of Control Charts

• Control limits vs Spec limits

• Strategy implementation

+ Rational subgrouping

+ Sampling plan

• Interpretation and reaction plan

• Control process vs Control specifications

• Rules to identify special causes

Variables Control Charts

• Variables for sugroups

+ X-R Chart – practical exercise

+ X-S Chart – practical exercise

+ Solving with Minitab

+ X-R Chart – practical exercise

+ Control Charts Variables for


• Variables individuals

+ I-MR – practical exercise

+ Solving with Minitab

+ Control Charts Variables for


Attributes Control Charts

• Attributes for Nonconforming

+ p Chart – practical exercise

+ np Charts – practical exercise

+ Solving with Minitab

+ Attributes Charts

• Attributes for Nonconformities

+ u Charts – practical exercise

+ c Charts – practical exercise

+ Solving with Minitab

+ Attributes Charts

Process Capability

• Stability and Normality

• What is Process Capability?

• Calculation and interpretation of Cp, Cpk, Pp y Ppk

+ Preliminar Study – 30 consecutive parts

+ Complete study – 25 subgroups, sample size: 5

• Minitab

+ Quality tools

+ Capability analysis

• Minitab

+ Quality tools

+ Capability sixpack