At the end of the course the participant will acquire the theoretical concepts required to audit the automotive quality management system IATF16949:2016, will understand the importance of preparation previous to the audit and will be able to write effective audit reports.

Participant’s profile

Professionals responsible for the planning, execution or follow up of internal audits to the automotive Quality Management System.

Day 1 – IATF 16949:2016 Overview.


Terms and definitions.

Quality management principles.

Process approach.

Risk-based thinking.

Quality Management System.


Interpretative review IATF 16949:2016.

  • Context of the organization.
    + Context of the organization.
    + Interested parties.
    + Scope of the QMS.
    + Product safety.
  • Leadership.
    + Corporative responsibility.
    + Effectiveness and efficiency.
    + Process owners.
    + Customer focus.
    + Quality policy.
    + Roles, reponsibilities and authorities.
  • Planning.
    + Risks and opportunities.
    + Risks analysis.
    + Preventive actions.
    + Contingency plans.
    + Quality objectives.
  • Support.
    + Resources.
    + Organizational knowledge.
    + Competence.
    + Awareness.
    + Communication.
    + Documented information.
  • Operation
    + Operational planning and control.
    + Requirements for product.
    + Design and development of the product.
    + Control of externally provided products.
    + Control of production.
    + Release of products and services.
    + Control on nonconforming outputs.
  • Performance evaluation.
    + Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation.
    + Internal audit.
    + Management review.
  • Improvement.
    + Nonconformity and corrective actions.
    + Continual improvement.

Auditing Management Systems.

  • Terms and definitions.
  • Principles of auditing.
  • Audit programme.
  • Competence of the Internal auditor.
  • Auditing methods.
  • Preparing Audit activities.
  • Conducting the audit.
  • Audit findings.
  • Audit report.