The participant will be able to manage the Material Data Sheet (MDS) creation, submission, version control and how to use the main functions in the International Material Data System (IMDS). Also, will understand the importance of conducting data collection efforts on those products and materials most likely to contain conflict minerals.

Participant’s profile

• Knowledge of the process of product and/or manufacturing processes
• Being familiar with the current supplier management system in their organization
• An individual laptop and IMDS user/password to login in the webpage

IMDS Introduction
• Main changes on IMDS R 13.2
• Terms and definitions
• Relation between IMDS and the PPAP
• GADSL – Global Automotive Declarable Substance List

Material Data Sheet (MDS) Introduction
• What is an MDS?
• Version control
• Tree-like Structure
• Updating MDSs
• Rules and guidelines
• Homogeneous materials

Creating a Material Data Sheet (MDS)
• Searching a MDS
• Own MDS / accepted / issued
• Creating a material MDS
• Creating a semi component MDS
• Creating a component MDS
• Creating an assembly MDS
• Legislative flags
• Main icons
• MDS analysis
• Filter function
• Accepting / Rejecting criteria
• Application code where-used analysis
• Contained recyclate where-used analysis
• Polymeric parts marking
• Error messages

MDSs management
• Creating a new MDS
• Versioning an MDS
• Internal release / Send / Propose / Publish
• Accepting / Rejecting a MDS
• IMDS – Outbox and inbox
• Status
• MDS correction
• MDS report

• User profile
• Create a user
• Deactivating a user
• Resetting a password