At the end of the course the participant will acquire the theoretical concepts required to audit the environmental management system ISO 14001:2015, will understand the importance of previous preparation and will be able to write effective audit reports.

Participant’s profile

• Basic knowledge of ISO 14001:2015 (desirable)
• Knowledge of the internal audits process in your organization (desirable)

Day 1
• ISO 14001:2015 Overview

Introduction to Environmental Management System
• Terms and definitions
• Process approach
• Risk-based thinking

Interpretative Review ISO 14001:2015
• Interpretative exercises
• Application exercises
• Documentary audit

Competencies for Internal Auditor
• Knowledge required
• Skills required

Day 2

Auditing Management Systems
• Terms and definitions
• Principles of auditing
• Audit program
+ Risks and opportunities
+ Roles and responsibilities
• Preparing audit activities
• Audit plan
• Opening meeting
• Audit implementation
• Audit methods
• Audit findings
• Audit report
• Closing meeting
• Auditor performance