Management review entries

Management review is a very important process within the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

Management review should be planned and carried out including considerations of:

a) The status of previous management review actions;

b) Changes in external and internal issues relevant to the quality management system;

c) Information on the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system, including trends relating to:

  • Customer satisfaction and feedback from relevant stakeholders;
  • The extent to which the quality objectives have been achieved;
  • The performance of the processes and the conformity of the products and services;
  • Non-conformities and corrective actions;
  • Monitoring and measurement results;
  • The results of the audits;
  • The performance of external suppliers;

d) Adequacy of resources;

e) The effectiveness of the actions taken to address the risks and opportunities.

f) Opportunities for improvement.

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