SPC Consulting Group | Metrology fundamentals



At the end of the course the participant will be able to understand concepts and techniques used to evaluate the measurement systems and the fundamentals of metrology required in the environment of IATF 16949 or a quality management system equivalent.

Participant’s profile

• Knowledge of basic mathematics and MSA concepts

• Quality Management System Requirements
• Background
• The measuring instrument and the environment

• Accuracy
• Precision
• Repeatability
• Reproducibility
• Bias
• Calibration
• Traceability
• Master gauge or calibrator
• Resolution
• Stability
• Bias
• Linearity

Measurement process
• The measurement process
• Characteristics of the measurements
• Types of Uncertainty
• Statistical properties
• Variation in the measurement process
• Complexity, scope and objective of the measurement
• Elements for the design and development of the measurement system

R&R studies
• R&R methodology
• R&R range method
• R&R mean and range method
• R&R ANOVA method
• R&R by attributes