The participant  will know the FMEA Model applied to productive or administrative processes, will understand the different elements of a correct failure Modes Analysis and will be able to create effective control strategies that reduce risks.

Participant’s Profile

Professionals involved in the design of production lines, product engineering, processes, manufacturing, industrial, quality and production interested in the prevention / reduction of risks in their processes.

PFMEA – Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (4th Edition)

Introduction to FMEA.

  • Importance of FMEA.
  • Relation to IATF16949:2016.
  • When a FMEA is required ?
  • Who is responsible for the FMEA?
  • PFMEA as a living document.

Concepts and definitions.

  • FMEA model.
  • Failure mode.
    + Corrective approach.
    + Preventive approach.
    + Predictive approach.
  • Effect.
    + Final user.
    + Next process.
    + Government.
  • Cause.
    + 6M´s.
  • Controls.
    + Prevention.
    + Cause detection.
    + Failure mode detection.

Estimation and risk analysis

  • Severity rank.
  • Occurrence rank.
  • Detection rank.
  • RPN – Risk Priority Number.

Special product / process characteristics.

PFMEA session.

  • Multidisciplinary team.
  • Support documentation.
  • PFMEA assumptions.

Workshop – PFMEA.