The participant will know in detail the 18 requirements  of a PPAP, will understand which changes should be notified to the client and will be able to identify when a PPAP is complete and meets the AIAG guidelines.

Participant’s Profile

Professionals from engineering, quality and production areas, as well as all the personnel involved in the process validation of new products, review of PPAPs from suppliers and submission of PPAPs to customers.

PPAP –  Production Part Approval Process (4th Edition)

Introduction to PPAP.

  • Importance of PPAP.
  • Relation to IATF16949:2016.
  • When a PPAP is required?
  • Who is responsible for the PPAP?

The 18 PPAP requirements.

  0 Significant Production Run.
  1 Design records.
+ IMDS – International Material Data System.
+ Marking of polymeric parts.
2 Authorized Engineering Change Documents.
3 Customer Engineering Approval.
4 Design FMEA.
 5 Process Flow Diagram.
  6 Process FMEA.
 7 Control Plan.
8 MSA – Measurement Systems Analysis Studies.
9 Dimensional results.
10 Records of Material / Performance Test Results.
11 Initial Process Studies.
12 Qualified laboratory documentation.
13 Appearance Approval Report (AAR).
14 Sample Production Parts.
15 Master Sample.
16 Checking Aids.
17 Customer-Specific Requirements.
18 PSW – Part Submission Warrant.

Customer notification.
Submission to customer.
Submission levels.
Part submission status.