Supply Chain Management



The participants will be able to recognize the key strategic factors to improve their supply chain management. Also, they will be able to standardize criteria, guidelines and mandatory practices to align resources of all the organization.

Participant’s profile

• A general knowledge of the basics of the Quality Management System used in the organization is recommended but also have had contact with the environment in the organization’s supply chain, inventories and logistics issues.


Supply Chain – General concepts
• The fundamentals of end-to-end Supply Chain Management
• Product, services, and information flow
• Supply Chain processes
• Global Supply Chains: End to end sourcing
• Process Integration in real-time needed on Supply Chains

Forrester effect (Bullwhip) on Supply Chains
• Reliable information for decision making
• Inventories roles on Supply Chain
• Beer game
• Supply Chain best practices

On-site Logistics
• On-site storage and warehousing – inbound and outbound
• Materials management

Legal aspects
• Purchasing transactions – terms and conditions
• Legal aspects of contracts

The role of the supply chain analyst
• Supply Chain responsible functions and profile
• Customer service and operational excellence
• Collaboration as a tool to create and maintain chains of world-class supply