At the end of the course the participant will acquire the theoretical concepts required to audit the process according to standard VDA 6.5, will understand the importance of the previous preparation to the audit and will be able to write effective audit reports.

Participant’s profile

• Familiar with ISO 9001:2015 concepts (desirable)
• Familiar with IATF 16949:2016 (desirable)
• Working experience at a production company


1. Introduction

2. Definitions and Purpose of a Product Audit

3. Product Audit at Car Manufacturers and Suppliers

4. Preparation and Planning of Product Audits

5. Product Audit Questionnaire

6. Performing a Product Audit

7. Analysis of the Data and Investigation of Causes of Nonconformities

8. Evaluation of the Product Audit Results

9. Product Audit Report

10. Corrective Actions Resulting from the Production Audit